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MD Heroes Awards 2020 - Honoring the best of the best - Award Announcement
11-07-2020, 06:47 PM
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RE: MD Heroes Awards 2020 - Honoring the best of the best - Award Announcement

(11-04-2020, 06:09 PM)Originally Posted by GhostRider
MD Awards Announcement

[Image: Champion.gif][Image: R.gif][Image: X.gif][Image: XXX.gif][Image: HD.gif]

Dear MD-ians,

It's high time we started honoring the best of the best among posters. We're here-by introducing the dibba system of recognition in MD  ShakeShout

Yes, it's time to honor our best posters of 2020 with Heroes awards  Talkout  The admin team has decided to announce heroes in each and every section of MD for their contribution of great videos  Party


With emphasis on no of thread posted in the particular section, rarity, quality, popularity, originality and conformity with rules, we've had a long series of painstaking research and analysis  Idea  And our first ever heroes are...  Love






Last but not the you all may have been witnessing for a long time now, we have a champion who stands out from the rest. He has been posting many all-time best videos consistently for year 2020. You've guessed it right. It's our one and only    @cherukkan    Clap   He is being bestowed with the "Ultimate Video Champion" award Hooray


Hats off to all our award winners  Punk  They are being issued with the coveted dibbas as attached.

Please join me in congratulating our heroes of 2020. We hope that these awards will motivate them to continue their great work while also paving way for more heroes in 2021. Love Party  Wave


I also would like to thank our moderator team for keeping this forum to the standard we all wanted.
@2dead2 , @crazysam , @kingsplendour1 , @SHINING_SPECIALL

:congrats: winners

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