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    Posting Rules and Guidelines, updated with new prefix [UPDATED: 9th June 2019]
    12-16-2018, 12:29 PM
    GhostRider Offline
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    Posting Rules and Guidelines, updated with new prefix [UPDATED: 9th June 2019]


    Duration: Mins | Resolution:

    Posting Rules, Guidelines & How to? :

    1. Members must limit their registration to one account. Multiple accounts can be removed without notice.

    2. Members should use the same username and password that they used on XicsForum.

    3. Before posting any video. Use the Search feature to check whether the video has been uploaded already to Xasala or not. If you fail to do so, your post might be removed/merged with existing threads. Repeated offenders will attract infractions and/or a permanent ban from both Xasala.

    4. Try to title the post correctly.

    5. Always remeber to use and match prefix with the video you are about to post.
    [Image: QGEHzrk.jpg]

    6. When posting the thread, Thread Thumbnail Option is must.
    [Image: BL5maFZ.jpg]

    7. Xasala makes it mandatory for users to upload caps along with every video they post. However DO NOT post any wrong caps with your video! This will lead to infractions and a ban for repeat offenders. Post caps should show the actual resolution of the video and/or a clear thumbnail showing actual resolution. Plus you are suggested to post all caps as images in the post. Every image link between

    8. We support every file host for uploaders to host their video file and post it here unless a spam. But we strictly are not allowing short links to video file, posters are requested to use direct download link to video file.

    9. Do not post multiple clips in one post. Use one post for a clip and caps taken from that clip. It is fine, if you post multiple part files of same clip in one post. But posting two different videos in the same post is not allowed.

    10. Child pornography is something that we do not support nor we gonna tolerate.

    11. Bestiality is also not allowed. Do not upload or post links to any files which may be against the law in any manner.

    12. Its better to add full screen shot/caps of the video than single shot/frame of the video.

    13. Do Not post copyrighted videos , Full length main stream (Except B-Grade) movies , copyrighted porn, etc.

    14. In case of copyright issue, We reserve the rights to remove any video without giving any notice to uploader. We will only inform uploader about reason after deletion.

    15. It is recommended to mention the size, resolution and duration of the video while posting.

    16. Please use the Report post button to report any rule violations, including videos with wrong/fake caps or duplicate post ( same videos posted earlier). We will take care of it ASAP.

    17. Please avoid posting videos having other website/forum's logo in it.

    18. Please DO NOT post and request any shareware/keygens/cracks/passwords or any hacked warez on Xasala. You can only post video files. links

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    03-03-2019, 12:55 PM
    GhostRider Offline
    Posts: 263
    Threads: 136
    Joined: Nov 2018
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    RE: Posting Rules and Guidelines, updated with new prefix [UPDATED: 18rd March 2019]

    Details of Prefixes used for videos in Xasala:
    Please make sure that you have chosen the right Prefix before posting.

    Non Nude Videos
    A Non Nude Videos may include adult themes, Glamorous adult activity. No Nudity is allowed.

    Bolly: Song/s and scenes from Bollywood movies
    Bangla/Oriya: Songs and Clips from Bangla/Oriya Movie
    Bhojpuri: Song/s and scenes from Bhojpuri movies
    Gujarati / Rajasthani: Song/s and scenes from Gujarati / Rajasthani movies
    Kannada: Song/s and scenes from Kannada movies
    Malayalam: Song/s and scenes from Malayalam movies
    Marathi: Song/s and scenes from Marathi movies
    Tamil: Song/s and scenes from Tamil movies
    Telugu: Song/s and scenes from Telugu movies
    TV Snippets: TV programmes and advt.s
    Short Films: Clips, compilations, hot scenes from Short Films or full length Short Flims with no nudity
    Hollywood: Non nude Glamourous Scenes and Clips in Hollywood movies
    Misc Glamour: Anything non nude stuffs which don’t suit under the above Non Nude Videos category.

    X-rated (also known as X certificate or X classification) indicating strong adult content, typically sexual content and nudity

    Desi X: Amateur Desi videos that are not "hardcore" (no explicit sex) these videos should be posted here. Example - Bathing, stripping, couple recording boobshow on cam etc.
    B-grade: Full length Desi X rated movies and clips
    Mallu: Mallu movies and clips.
    Solo Show: Solo show either by male and female (containing X-rated stuff)
    Oops: Shocking and surprising nude scenes and clips
    Hollywood X: Full length Videsi X rated movies and clips
    Asian X: Exclusive for softcore stuffs from Asian films (Eg. Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc)
    Misc X: Anything X & XX stuffs which don’t not suits under the above X-rated category.

    This category involving full male and female nudity, XXX porn video screenings.

    Xclusive: Can be used only by the XicsForum Xclusive Posters to post their clips
    Desi Amateur: Exclusively for Desi Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi & Sri Lankan homemade, webcam, hiddencam recorded clips
    Arab Amateur: Middle Eastern Amateur videos with hijabi content
    Other Amateur: Any Non-Desi & Non-Arab Amateur hardcore videos
    Desi XXX: Exclusively for Desi XXX stuffs
    Vintage / Classics: Exclusively for XXX English full movies (older than 1995)
    Fetish/BDSM: Exclusive for Fetish, BDSM and Fantasy Rape videos from Desi and Videshi
    Gay/Lesbian: Gay and Lesbian stuffs from Desi and Videshi
    Asian XXX: Exclusive for hardcore stuffs from Asian films (Eg. Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc)
    Pornography: Since Copyright issues might plagued this prefix, uploaders are warned to be careful with their videos, any complaints received on any video in this section would be removed immediately without any notice
    Misc XXX: Anything which don’t not suits under the above XXX-rated category

    HD Xasala Videos
    High-definition video or HD video refers to any video system of higher resolution. Minimum resolution is 1280x720 and should have Superior Quality.
    Note: Upscaled or compressed HD videos which do not have good quality will be moved back to regular section. So please do not upscale low/medium quality videos for the sake of HD.

    Bollywood HD: Song/s and scenes from Bollywood movies (R-Rated)
    Tamil HD: Song/s and scenes from Tamil movies (R-Rated)
    Telugu HD: Song/s and scenes from Telugu movies (R-Rated)
    Other Regional HD: Song/s and scenes from Bangla / Oriya, Bhojpuri, Gujarati / Rajasthani, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and other vernacular languages (R-Rated)
    HD TV Snippets: Desi TV programmes and advt.s Videsi TV programmes and advt.s (R and X-Rated)
    Hollywood Glamour HD: Hollywood Movies and Clips (R and X-Rated)
    Glamour HD: Any Non nude stuff that doesn't come under the above mentioned HD categories.
    HD Short Films: HD Quality Clips, compilations, hot scenes from Short Films or full length Short Flims with no nudity
    X Rated: All X-Rated content other than Hollywood? Typically Softcore content involving Nudity without showing any form of penetration.

    Premium Section
    Details about prefixes under Premium Section of Xasala

    Casting Couch: All videos related to casting couch and porn auditions goes here.
    Domination/FemDom: All about Discipline, Humiliation, Punishment & Female Domination; facesitting, asslicking, ballbusting, cuckold, feetlicking, spanking, LezDom, Strapped on boys, dildos etc.
    Facials/Bukkake: Any videos that has girls loving cum on their face comes under this prefix.
    Full XXX Movies: The title says it all plus full movies broken down into separate scenes is okay as long as you post every scene.
    Goddesses, Princesses, Mistresses: Goddesses, Princesses, Mistresses, Worship, Instruction to Worship, Mind Control, Seductress etc
    Insertions: Videos of Insertions, Sex Machines, Fisting, Binding etc
    Interracial XXX: Black and White and Other Interracial Porns
    Tutorials: This prefix comes under non nhde section. Videos about learning/teaching, tutorials, video ebooks, masterclass, udemy courses etc.
    Voyeur/Exhibitionist: Upskirts and hidden cameras plus nude in the window displaying her goodies on purpose, etc.
    VR/3D XXX: This section is for Virtual Reality & 3D Videos only
    XXX Parties/Orgies: Sex Parties and Orgy Videos, College party videos, Orgy sex parties, Bukkake parties and more.

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    03-18-2019, 01:16 PM
    GhostRider Offline
    Posts: 263
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    RE: Posting Rules and Guidelines, updated with new prefix [UPDATED: 3rd March 2019]

    We hope that these changes will benefit the Xasala user community. A big thanks to all uploaders and users. If uploaders have any doubts regarding any prefix post in this thread, reply to this thread to get your prefix doubts cleared and hoping that you guys will embrace new prefixes and post in those too with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

    Users are requested to request for any new section/prefix rather than forcefully trying to fit your videos into above mentioned prefixes.

    (This post was last modified: 03-18-2019, 01:42 PM by GhostRider.)
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